Forward a text to a Landline phone. Sprint, Verizon, as well as other companies provide a text-to-landline feature

Forward a text to a Landline phone. Sprint, Verizon, as well as other companies provide a text-to-landline feature

Sprint, Verizon, as well as other providers give you a text-to-landline function

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It seems apparent that texts are just permitted between smart phones. Or will they be? This begs issue: what goes on once you deliver a text to a landline?Landline texting is not supported by all carriers that are mobile therefore texting a landline may not constantly work. If for example the quantity is obstructed by some body having a landline, too, the written text will not proceed through. But, some providers that do support the choice to transform a text in to a sound message for a landline.

The information below should apply no matter who made your phone: Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc if you’re using an Android phone.

Just just How Text-to-Landline Functions

The entire process of texting a landline from the cellular phone is essentially a combination of texting another mobile phone and calling a landline. Nevertheless, the actions included, and also the cost for the ongoing solution, might vary slightly between mobile companies, therefore make sure to read the area below that relates to your provider.

The idea that is basic to text the landline quantity as you would just about any mobile phone. When delivered, your text is changed into a sound message such that it could be heard throughout the phone.

When gotten, the landline receiver shall hear your telephone number at the beginning of the message. When they answer and react, their message is delivered back for your requirements. When they do not, your text/audio message is kept on the voicemail system.


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Sprint charges $0.25 per text that you deliver to a landline. But, this is not a concealed fee — you need to opt-in towards the function and accept the fee before you send out the message, therefore do not worry relating to this inadvertently accumulating your phone bill.

Including, that your note will be converted into a computerized voice for a landline phone to receive after you write out your first text message and enter the 10-digit landline phone number to text/call, you’ll get an opt-in text message informing you.

Upon successful delivery of a text-to-landline message using Sprint, you’ll get a verification text in your phone. The message will let you know exactly just how your text ended up being gotten if the receiver left a sound reaction message for your needs.


The written text to landline feature readily available for Verizon phones that are wireless reported to be available “with most White Pages listed cell phone numbers within the US.”That is, the solution is just practical in the usa and fails with all wired phones.

Just how this landline texting function works is the very same as Sprint’s solution. Just enter the telephone number while you would whenever texting any true quantity, and supply an email which should be converted to sound. In the event that receiver reacts, you’ll receive a text by having a true number you’ll want to call within 120 hours to listen to the answer.

It is possible to text multiple landlines at as soon as exactly like ways to deliver an organization message to many other mobile phones. Nonetheless, take notice which you may be charged individually for every and each landline quantity you deliver the writing to.

For every single true number which you text, you will need to accept the written text to Landline charge (that you can be prompted to just accept over text) until you’ve currently delivered an email to that particular landline quantity before. Therefore, in the event that you deliver an email to five landlines at the same time and also you’ve already messaged four of these true figures before, you are going escort High Point NC to just have to ensure the charge for that final one — you’re going to be charged for all your other figures immediately because you’ve already agreed to be charged for anyone figures.

To help make Verizon end automatically asking you for text to landline communications to your provided quantity, deliver a text towards the number 1150 that claims “OPT OUT” and includes the number that is 10-digit you intend to stop texting

Here you will find the fees you should know of when working with Verizon’s Text to Landline function:

See Verizon’s Text to Landline FAQs when you have every other questions regarding exactly just exactly how this works.

Exactly Why Isn’t My Mobile Phone Carrier Right Here?

It already, the initial process for texting a landline is identical no matter what carrier you use if you haven’t realized. Therefore, if you never visit your carrier above, but you intend to see when they support landline texting, just give it a try your self and find out what are the results.

The result is the fact that you will either get a text straight right back that asks one to verify the fee to text the landline or perhaps you’ll learn that your particular carrier does not offer the function.