Found out about it as being a free website, completed all of the info, photos and over 100 of their analysis questions.

Found out about it as being a free website, completed all of the info, photos and over 100 of their analysis questions.

OkCupid Reviews

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learned about it as a site that is free

Have not spoke to at least one single individual in my entire time on the internet site. Have mailed people everyday. Not really a refusal or sorry we’m not interested. Each time i am prompted to pay for them for better features but i have resisted after reading most of the reviews. Do your self a big favour and l k elsewhere

used it a times that are few

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Tried it a few times over the years. Met some nice individuals, been on Dates ( couple of years ago) . Initially a really nice website. Of course, like many apps that are dating constantly mislead users that long dead accounts are current, fake profiles etc but once much better than options. But i usually liked the profiling feature. It’s great to get a measure of values and interests. Something unique. But, into the couple that is last of it’s increased in expense by about 5 times. I imagine it is owned by some Venture capatlists who wish to recoup thier loss against Tinder and exploit the pandemic. Wholly unethical. It’s insane. Presently ВЈ50 a month. Was previously mostly free and about ВЈ10 subbed a fair few times.

It actually are priced at more for me to sub up to a mainly fake profile website (that still requires additional money to increase your profile below base) than we pay for fuel and electricity combined). It costs significantly more than it can to purchase a pc game 6 years to make like Red Dead Redemption involving a huge selection of musicians and actors, authors,. And for exactly what, a minute level of individuals enabling normal human interaction, but well away. It is obscene actually. I really hope these web sites die, because they victimize lonliness and people that are exploiting and there is no end with their greed.

The irony is the greed and disrepsect for humans means I am going to never sign up to them despite to be able to manage it and having te disposable earnings they seek. I am l sing an eye on the websites I will maybe not pay on pricinpal while they exploit their clients and are anti-human generally speaking . It’s so extremely counter productive for them. And unfortunately us earthlings.

What does Okcupid

Just What does Okcupid, Tindr and Match all have in commmon. They are all owned by the company that is same. That is right. It’s a cash cow, a scam. All of their solutions make use of the same manipulating techniques in purchase to cause you to part with your cash. I’ve received 11 likes in 24 hours which is meaningless. To make the journey to see whom this type of person I must gamble ВЈ26.52 per month. On match it’s ВЈ25.99 for a one thirty days subscription. So can you see how similar the values are right? It’s done by design. Exactly What this ongoing company does is criminal and may be made illegal.

never ever buy the compensated version

Never ever go with the compensated variation! If only I had viewed reviews before We paid $50 for a few months. The “Basic” registration is equivalent to the version that is free. Not sure why they even have it. In years past they only had one subscription kind so now i assume they needed ways to f l individuals into paying for nothing.

I would use… if i wanted to h kup

I would use shagfun, just wanted some decent conversation thought this was a dating site if i wanted to h kup

Really site that is bad

Actually site that is bad lots of fake pages and scammers. They will ban you against the website because of your ethnicity and you know what that means.

blocked me on customer… and faceb k

blocked me on faceb k and customer care refuses to answer me now even. Filled with fake profiles to “like you” and that means you will register and never hear from their store.

You can’t do much as being a member that is free

You can’t do much as a member that is free there are way t many limits and you simply go round in sectors without any results. But when you spend, absolutely nothing really changes. As a paid dating internet site OkCupid is rubbish and you can find better choices. It had previously been not bad with regards to had been free. They always had certain flaws, however you do not l k closely at this when something is free. However, whether it’s a paid service it’s fair sufficient to own higher needs. OkCupid is not worth the cash you are wanted by them to pay for membership. There are way t many fake pages and almost no matches that are appropriate.

Useless web site, useless customer support.

OKC has banned me for no explanation. I was told to try the generic ‘fixes’, clear cache, delete and reinstall app, no real compassion or personal aid for a user, quite ironic for a site that is all about the personal contact when I finally managed to find a way to contact the support! The help explained that i’ve not been banned from the given information shown their part yet still haven’t done something to rectify and re-instate my account. The support message replies take up up to a and are not helpful week. This is often a business that wish you to pay ВЈ30+ a month to become a premium web site user It would appear that all dating apps are just money hungry nowadays and the whole online experience that is dating simply ruined by this plus it greatly narrows the capability of relationship with people on location.Once upon a period I would have stated that OKC was one of the leaders in dating apps nevertheless now it really is one among numerous unusable web sites, save yourself enough time and don’t bother.